I am glad you have found me and welcome to my site.

I have taken down many of my designs and activities that were previously posted here.  I am still teaching but not as much as I used to due to Grandchildren growing up to fast!  I do not want to miss these precious little years.

Cloth dolls and fiber fancies continue to be my passion but mostly now just for my own personal creativity.  I will continue to share on my facebook page things I am doing, dolls I am making and enjoying inspiration from many sources.

My book CLOTH DOLL ARTISTRY remains a staple to the cloth doll makers library.

My Stuffing Forks are a must have for all your cloth doll and stuffed project needs.  They come in 2 sizes to help you along with your creative endeavours.

Cloth dolls are a creative, expressive and personal way to share my art with you.  By offering you patterns of my designs I hope to have you join this journey with me.

Hope to see you here!






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